A Shark River Hills Staple

The Cracker Barrel has been a local landmark at the foot of Tucker’s Bridge since 1925, when Henry and Mary Dolan opened a store in their home there. One could buy groceries, auto parts, or gasoline, enjoy ice cream on their porch, or rent boats. Bus service around the Hills left from the store. The Cracker Barrel passed to the Daum’s in 1933, and was enlarged under Harry Robinson and Ed Parker. The store took the name ‘Cracker Barrel’ in 1952, when Mr. and Mrs. Blauvelt took it over. The store has expanded multiple times and has prospered a sequence of owners. (Neptune Historical Museum.)

As of January 2019, Johns Cracker Barrel has been under new management by Pierre Cruz. Pierre is a Shark River Hills local and has over 20 years in the restaurant and bar business. He plans to keep Johns Cracker Barrel a local restaurant and favorite, with a few enhancements. Stay tuned!

Going Green

As a small business owner with 2 young daughters, I intend for me, my family, and my business to be around for a long time.

My personal view regarding how much waste we produce as a population is that the situation is dire. With some minor tweaks in the way we do things we could make a major impact.

Unfortunately, it is significantly cheaper to buy Styrofoam and plastic togoware. So when you see a food establishment using eco-friendly products, they’re spending up to 4 times the amount of comparable products. Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is.

We plan to change over to fully compostable in the next couple of months. Come be a part of something good with us. 🌎 #gogreen makeadifference

Upon disposal, biodegradable products are capable of being broken down by biological microorganisms, without harming the environment.